Drawing Project: Chicago/London

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Drawing Project is a collaborative exhibition-specific space that brings together contemporary work from London and Chicago based artists. Using paper as a common thread, the project aims to show the intersections and diversions of two international cities. We are also pleased to offer this unique opportunity for emerging U.K. artist to show work to an American audience.

Participating artists:

Louis Clarke (London)
Gordon Cheung (London)
Kadie Franson (Chicago)
Katy Fischer (Chicago)
Jane Gifford (London)
Shona Macdonald (Chicago)
Julia Marsh (Chicago)
Kim Merrington (London)
Megan Ores-Uhrich
Nick Pace (London)
Geoffrey Todd Smith (Chicago)
Chris Uphues (Chicago)




Shona Macdonald
2614 North Lawndale Avenue
Chicago IL 60647
773 368 7956


Kim Merrington
26 Grenville Court
Lymer Avenue
London, UK
SE19 1LR



Chris Uphues


Katy Fischer

Kim Merrington


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