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Mission Statement Gallery HQ emerged as an installation/exhibition space born out of the vision to provide a conducive and stimulating working environment for both emerging and established contemporary artists. The space is specifically designed to accommodate both on-site building and exhibition space requirements in order for artists to investigate and pursue the full extent of their own unique vision.

Gallery HQ is committed to utilizing public and private funds to subsidize
the individual artist’s pursuits. In order to maintain the integrity of the
exhibition space and the application process, all artists will be given an
opportunity to work based on creative concept and innovation and not
financial means.

Through diverse exhibitions and a professional working environment, Gallery
HQ provides a forum for dialogue, creativity, and exploration that will
extend to each and every participant. Participation is encouraged at any
level and Gallery HQ desires to provide an opportunity to allow members of
the local community to engage in this gratifying aesthetic process. It is
the vision and steadfast commitment of Gallery HQ to dissolve barriers
between local participants and featured artists, by disregarding divisions
between medias, genres, and accepted expectations and by hosting a diverse and open learning environment for all who wish to explore the breadth and depth of their creative pursuits.



Gallery HQ
Director: Colby K Smith
1427 W. 9th
Kansas City, MO 64101







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