Jeff Bailey Gallery

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Jeff Bailey Gallery opened in March 2003 in Chelsea's gallery district.  The gallery strives to inspire visitors with eclectic exhibitions that foster connoisseurship.  Various exhibitions have been reviewed in artforum.com, Flash Art and The New York Times.  At The Stray Show, works by Louise Belcourt, Sarah Brenneman, David McMurray, Amy Pleasant, Julian Pozzi, Julia Randall and others will be on view.


JEFF BAILEY GALLERY                   
contact: Jeff Bailey       
tel. # at Stray:  917.612.7275
511 W 25TH ST / NO. 808
NY, NY 10001
tel. 212.989.0156
fax 212.989.0214



Julia Randall
    "Lovebird 4", 2004
    colored pencil on paper
    22" x 30"


Louise Belcourt
    "Middle Cedar #9", 2003
    gouache on paper
    21" x 29"

Sarah Brenneman
    "Mustache Tree", 2003-04
    watercolor and ink on paper
    55" x 54 1/4"


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