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For over ten years New Image Art,Los Angels,has been pumping out show after show of innovative young urban artsts who have been setting the pace of what's going on in the international art world. New Image Art has been covered in the New York Times, New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Art Forum, LA Times, Black Book, Relax, Juxtapoz, LA Weekly, Strenght, Transworld, Art and Auction, Barfout, Urb, Artweek, Loyal, Flaunt, While You Were Sleeping, Switch, Bonn, Anthem Tokion, and numerous other publications. The aesthetic of this group is marked by street culture, skateboarding, illustration, graffiti, photography, mural installations painting and drawing. Currently numerous artists shown at New Image Art are on view  in the Beautiful Looser show at the Contemparary Art Center Cincinnati.

New Image Art Participating Artists:

Ed Templeton
Deanna Templeton
Jo Jackson
Rich Jacobs
Taylor McKimens
Misaki Kawai
Big Foot
Skull Phone
Jordin Davis
Clare Rojas
Jim Houser
Rebecca Westcott
Caroline Hwang
Fawn Gehweiler
Jeff Soto
Ashley Macomber
Chris Lindig
Neck Face
Buff Monster
The Date Farmers
Sam Flores
Isaac Lin
Rhonda Winter
Scooter Rudolph
Kevin Christy
Heather Rose Howard
Hollie Dzama
Shay Nowick
and others


New Image Art Gallery
1005 North Fairfax Ave.
West Hollywood,CA 90046
cell: 323-839-2340
Gallery Director: Marsea Goldberg
Gallery Assistant Aya Muto




Ed Templeton


Chris Lindig


Rebecca Westcott


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