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Plush was founded by Randall Garrett in 2000 with the goal of moving art into a direct engagement with the culture in which it is created. From its inception,
Plush has presented art alongside performance, in the heart of a lowbrow retail environment, with the intent to pollute high with low, in order to question the notion of distinctions between the two.

Four years later, Plush has hosted 30 art exhibitions, held in conjunction with performances by punk bands, skaters, ballerinas, innumerable djs, a straight-jacketed illusionist, and a burlesque dancer, to name a few.

Projects have included "JONZE" (2000), an installation of skate culture art set amidst young thrashers grinding along a built-in quarter pipe; "thriftopia"
(2000), in which artwork was displayed in a thrift store environment among racks of used clothes, books, and appliances; "elegantly wasted" (2002), an art wrestling tournament which featured artists, gallerists, and writers as costumed wrestlers; "Dallas vs. Houston" (2003), an exchange show and online voting contest; and "el pulpo" (2004), an exhibition which mixed works on paper with pulp novels, posters, and a fashion/drag show.

Plush was named "Best Alternative Gallery" (2003) and "Best Art Gallery" (2001) by the Dallas Observer.


1410 S. Akard St. / Dallas TX 75215
214.498.5423 / info@plush01.com
Randall Garrett, director




Michael Wynne
"Dilettantes Arise"



Frank A. Porreco III



Teresa O'Connor


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