Saltworks Gallery

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Saltworks Gallery is a commercial venue dedicated to innovative, contemporary art.  Founder and Director, Brian Holcombe transformed a 12,000 square foot piano warehouse into a flexible platform for conceptual and installation work.  The gallery design serves to compliment the relationship between art and audience.  Saltworks Gallery opened its doors January 2002 in Atlanta, GA.  


Saltworks Gallery
635 Angier Ave NE   Atlanta, GA 30308
tel 404.876.8000  fax 404.522.2252
Director: Brian Holcombe
Manager: Christina Caudill



Shin-il Kim
Installation view at Saltworks, 2002

Conor McGrady
Siege IV
gouache on paper, 2003

Mike Wsol
detail of Median
transparencies and stainless steel, 2002


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