Seven Three Split

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Seven Three Split is a media obsessed alternative non-commercial gallery on the edge of the Chicago West Pilsen neighborhood. After four years running, our clientele predominantly consists of local artists, galleries, and educators. We often open our doors to art class gallery field trips and participate alternative gallery structures panel discussions and lectures. In our efforts to organize Chicago artist exhibitions outside the city we've encountered numerous like minded spaces that are clean enough and still keep away from the commercial limelight. We strive to help build a global network of these spaces working closely with curators, artists, and art co-ops based in Philadelphia, New York, Glasgow, London, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The gallery also hosts local Latino punk shows.

At this year's Stray Show, Seven Three Split will be exhibiting works by Jim Trainor (Chicago, IL), Micki Tschur (Colorado Springs, CO), Jonathon Mason (St. Paul, MN), and Frederik Pedersen (Glasgow, UK).


Seven Three Split
971 w 18th St
Chicago IL 60608

Tim Fleming, director



Micki Tschur
installation view from Ten Year Turkey
November, 2003

Jonathan Mason

Frederik Pedersen


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