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Telegraph is a gallery project whose mission is to
represent and document an emerging art scene in and
around Detroit, Michigan.  Telegraph intends to make
its debut at the Stray Show 2004, and continue to
organize shows in Detroit and Chicago featuring
artists with connections to both cities.  

The work exhibited at the Stray Show will revolve
around a theme of overlooked objects transformed to
profound, surreal, or comic ends.  The following six
artists will be represented: Hartmut Austen, Haley
Renee Bates, Fabio Fernandez, Chido Johnson, Tom
Lauerman, and Christian Tedeschi.

Works by the artists have been shown recently at the
Detroit Contemporary, the Detroit Artists Market, the
John Micheal Kohler Arts Center, Revolution Gallery,
Lemberg Gallery, Tangent Gallery, Open-End Art, and
the Cultural Center Poleeni, in Pieksämäki, Finland.



3105 24th Street
Detroit Michigan 48216
Tom lauerman
312 925 2014


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