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Telephonebooth started in a back hallway in 1995 as a project space to
highlight the excess of talented and under-exposed contemporary artists
working in Kansas City.

In the last few years, galleries, currators and collectors that were
previously only focused on New York ART are also beginning to take notice of
the density of credible artists in this small midwestern city.

Telephonebooth's third location is a rehabbed beauty salon in midtown K.C.
and its basic premise is still operative; to provide a context of consistent
high quality for emerging and mid-career working contemporary artists.
The prequesites for showing at Telephonebooth are also still the same, and
they are: strong focus on current ideas and a strong work ethic.

While Telephonebooth provides on-call representation, advocacy and
transparency are also on the agenda, and part of the project mission is to
give artists, regardless of their career position, the experience of a
professional full service gallery.

Supplementing the gallery space is the Telephonebooth Flatfile containing
work by most every artist that continues a working relationship with the

For both beginning and advanced collectors, the high concentration on value
at Telephonebooth represents an opportunity to support an artist's early
career while appreciating the progress of that career with a strong initial

Telephonebooth at the Stray Show 2004 will be a preview of the annual summer salon group show with both local and national working contemporary artists from Kansas City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City.

Tim Brown, the owner and on-site coordinator of Telephonebooth, is mostly a
K.C. native who also spent alot of time growing up in Escondido, California.
He graduated in 1991 with a B.F.A. from Carnegie-Mellon and has done his
best to get over it. He is always willing to talk shop with people who love


Telephonebooth / attn: Tim Brown
3319 Troost
Kansas City, MO




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