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Vox Populi is a non-profit artist's cooperative founded in 1988 to support the work of local and emerging artists. Focusing on the development of contempoary art, the gallery provides an important venue for ambitious, experimental work. Our commitment to the integrity of artistic expression means the gallery functions as a laboratory for artists, offering them the opportunity to exhibit their work in a completely self-determined context. The shifting style and tone of our shows defy easy categorization, but our shared priorities of artistic risk-taking and quality, mark our exhibitions as a whole. Solo and group member's exhibitions are the cornerstone of our programming. Vox Populi is also committed to showing the work of non-member artists. Through group and theme exhibitions we present the work of many local and national artists, as well as hosting guest exhibitions from independent curators and other artist groups. In addition, Vox Populi generates exhibitions and educational programs in response to social and political issues, and in conjunction with progressive social service organizations from the Philadelphia area.

Exhibiting at Stray Show:

Stefan Abrams
Amy Adams
Merrilee Challiss (Vox alumnus)
Nadia Hironaka
Joseph Hu
Max Lawrence
Bill Lohre
Jennifer MacDonald
Isaac Resnikoff
Olivia Schreiner
Matthew Suib
Justin Witte


Vox Populi
1315 Cherry Street, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
215-568-5513 Tel
215-568-5514 Fax

Yana Balson
Executive Director

Jennifer Macdonald
Member President




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