Worm-Hole Laboratory

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Worm-Hole Laboratory was founded in 2003 in Miami’s Wynwood Art District.  Based out of a flat in a residential building built in 1926, the lab functions as a conduit for experimentation and investigations in contemporary art via curatorial practice with young contemporary artists from Miami and beyond.
WHL takes on a fluid entity by also organizing exhibitions in various locations throughout the United States.

Dr. Moreau Explains will be on view during The Stray Show, featuring the work of Jen Denike, Pepe Mar, Cristina Lei Rodriguez and Diego Singh.

GYPSIES CURSE @ The Buena Vista Building
Date: June 10, 2004
180 NE 39th Street, 2nd Floor. Miami. FL
WHL: Missing People @ Miami Light Box
Date: July/August 2004
3000 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 100. Miami. FL



José-Carlos Diaz, Director
401 NE 22nd Street #1
Miami, FL 33137



Diego Singh's banshee from
Haunted at WHL Nov 2003

Pepe Mar, Dr. Moreau Explains

Jen DeNike
Worshipping False Idols from Dr Moreau Explains 2004


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