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Sala Diaz, an artist directed exhibition space, has provided an experimental venue for San Antonio artists since 1995. Our goals have been to provide artists with a space for projects of their own choosing and to stimulate new curators with an annual show conceived by a guest.

Strayplex: Jeff McMillan and Tracey Snelling

This project is the eighth in a series of two artist exhibitions built on the idea of duplex as exemplified by the double room layout of the Sala Diaz space, which is itself half of a duplex. In this case, the concept will be imported to the warehouse environs of The Stray Show in Chicago. The two artists Jeff McMillan and Tracey Snelling, will each provide an architectural reference.
The curator’s strategy for the Duplex Series is based on the notion of

easy does it      as noted on an index card tucked inside a tattered copy of The Joy of Cooking, which was found on the street outside Handy Andy, a grocery store near the gallery. The concept as outlined on the card is to carefully select artists that will likely produce intriguing combinations, then stand back and see what happens.

Former duos in the series:
Constance Lowe and Callida Borgnino
Chris Sauter and Charles LaBelle
Francesca Fuchs and Aaron Parazette
Sue Scott and Elizabeth McGrath
Jeff McMillan and Terri Thornton
Gordon McConnell and Bale Creek Allen
Brad Tucker and Todd Hebert





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