Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects

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Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects (formerly BUSgalleries) has showcased the works of emerging and mid-career artists since 1998. Three storefronts on Queen St. W. in Toronto are worked cooperatively with artists to promote their ideas and sell their works.

An artist herself, Mulherin has exhibited in Toronto, Montreal, New York and Munich in solo and group exhibitions. She has established herself as both artist and art dealer, continuing to approach her practice as a curatorial project.

Shary Boyle
Jason Dunda
Clint Griffin
Eliza Griffiths
Michael Harrington
Dana Holst
Drue Langlois
Nick Ostoff
Mike Bayne
Margaux Williamson



Katharine Mulherin, director
1080 and 1086 Queen Street West
Toronto ON
M6J 1H8
tel: 416 537 8827



Clint Griffin

Dana Holst

Eliza Griffiths


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