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M.Y. Art Prospects is a gallery in New York City, sharing its location on West 27th St., one of the Chelsea's hottest "art blocks," with several other emerging galleries.  
Since 1999, M.Y. Art Prospects has embraced eclectic styles and diverse visions in contemporary art, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. 
Known for its non-pretentious presentation style, the gallery showcases the work of emerging and lesser-known artists from around the globe. The gallery also encourages dialogues among artists, collectors, and general audiences through free events such as gallery talks.   
The gallery director, Japanese-born Miyako Yoshinaga, has an academic background in cultural anthropology as well as museum studies.  Her interest in cross-cultural universal subjects has led to several projects involving contemporary Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern artists.
For The Stray Show, M.Y. Art Prospects features works by a selection of young artists from diverse backgrounds: New York-based, Brazilian-born Cleverson, Minneapolis-based Carolyn Swiszcz, and Cuban artist, Jose Luis Farinas who works in Havana. The gallery also presents works by the celebrated Australian photography artist duo, Farrell and Parkin and Iranian-born, New York-based Pouran Jinchi.  




M.Y. Art Prospects, LLC
547 West 27th Street, 2nd Fl
New York, NY 10001
T. 212 268 7132  F. 212 268 7147





Carolyn Swiszcz
"Baby Boudoir"


"Cleverlandia 2002"
installation view

Farrell and Parkin
"Lingzhi Fungus"


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