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Three Walls is an artist-run gallery that creates a venue for artists where
they feel free to take risks with their work. The gallery encourages
artists to expand on and stretch the current ideas they are working with,
and is devoted to supporting both emerging artists from San Antonio, and
national/international emerging artists. Three Walls had its inaugural
exhibition in June 1999 with artist Veronica Fernandez, and mounts 9-10
exhibitions annually. The following projects are just a sampling of the
pieces made by some of the artists who have shown at Three Walls during the past four years: Randy Wallace’s Gyromancer, a hybrid of sculpture,
installation, sound, and performance, was as intense as it was gorgeously
put together. Chris Musgrave, an artist from San Francisco, made a sound
and vision piece entitled Interstice, where he mounted a tiny camera in the
gallery, and had random people move, talk, sing, or just stand there in
front of a blue velvet background. The piece was simulcast on the internet
in real time. Miami artist Gavin Perry’s interest in low-rider culture was
the inspiration for his exhibition Scenario. He made meticulous and vibrant
prints of pin-striped designs, and coupled those prints with a video of a
homemade "bed" that jumped up and down on a hydraulic system, mimicking the funk of the real low-rider. Margaret Craig’s Gunk was a sticky sweet assemblage of "veins" and "arteries" filled with cholesterol-like formations made of plaster and sugar. Alex Lopez’s In Search Of was a poignant and somewhat haunting installation incorporating sculpture and video that propelled his career forward into other exhibitions. Rae Culbert’s Silly Bastards was political, controversial, and extremely powerful on a number of levels, and stirred an uproar the night of his opening.

Three Walls will continue to show artists who are exploring, thinking, and
dreaming, and who are fearless in their ability to take risks and push the

For Stray 2004, Three Walls is planning an exhibition of 4 artists entitled
"still.life." The artists are: Kate Terrell, Hills Snyder, Karen Mahaffy,
and Michele Monseau, all from San Antonio.



Three Walls
106D Blue Star, Building B
San Antonio, TX 78204

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Three Walls
614 E. Dewey
San Antonio, TX 78212


Randy Wallace
November 2002



Rae Culbert
"Silly Bastards 1&2"
March and April 2003



Jessica DeCuir
" You Spin Me..."
April 2004


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