The Golden Limo Art Tour
Thursday May 6 at 10:30 PM

The Golden Limo Art Tour, organized by Milwaukee's own Frankie Martin will be debuting at the 2004 Stray Show in Chicago on May 6 at 10:30 PM. The tour includes art and music of all of Frankie's best, most talented friends and family from the USA and Canada. During its stops, viewers are invited to check out the golden limo while Frankie performs feats of music and magic on top of the limo. For this particular stop, Frankie's imaginary band Airbrains will be performing. Artists exhibited in the limo show include: Jim Drain, Norm Paris, Paperrad, Cory Arcangel, Sistaz 4ever, Tyson Reeder, Hanna Fushihara, and Erika Somogyi.  For more information on the tour go to >>



Movieside Film Festival will present a film and video schedule throughout the Stray Show.

Short Films From Around The World
Friday May 7 at 4pm, 6pm, 8pm

Knuckleface Jones - Todd Rohal (16 mins.)
Monkey Vs. Robot - Nathan Pommer (3 mins.)
Dance Habibi Dance - Usama Alshaibi (4 mins.)
Warplay - Bryan Lefler (8 mins.)
State of the Union - Bryan Boyce (3 mins.)
0502 - Mark Hejnar (3 mins.)
And Knowing Was Half The Battle  - Eric Fensler (3 mins.)
Harry Knuckles - Lee Demarbre (5 mins.)
Printer Jam - Doug Lussenhop (3 mins.)
A Primer For Dental Extraction - Carl Weidemann (5 mins.)
Cabrini Green - Brett Foxwell (5 mins.)
30 FPS - Micah Scarpelli (6 mins.)
Grain - Eric Medine (3 mins.)
Communista - Jim Finn (3 mins.)
Damn You Mister Bush - Skizz Cyzyk (3 mins.)
A Moment - Bob Hurst (4 mins.)
Locust - Ricky Cozzolino (1 mins.)
Construction One - Christine Hart (2 mins.)
Monkey Walken: An Intimate Portrait - Jason Woliner (3 mins.)
Forced Entry tv State - Christian Matts (6 mins.)


Animation in Motion
Saturday May 8 -  4pm, 6pm, 8pm

Program includes work by

Matt Marsden
Leif Goldberg
Golden Shower
Webster Colcord
Brett Foxwell
Catherine Crouch
Suzanne Twining
Eric Fensler


New Works by Women Filmmakers
Sunday May 9 at 3pm & 5pm

Get Naked: Project 12 - Katherine Chronis - 8 mins.
Untitled One-Affair - Chi-Jang Yin - 6 mins.
The Drive North - Tess Ernst - 13 mins.
Women's Work - Jenny Schultz - 10 mins.
Portraits - Kate McCabe - 8 mins.
Strategic Cyber Defense - Dara Greenwald - 5 mins.
Pilots Are Badass - Cheryl Park - 10 mins.
Burbank, Il - Deborah Snead - 7 mins.

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