STRAY SHOW 2004 Exhibitors
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Art Industry
, Madison
Atm Gallery, New York
Jeff Bailey Gallery, New York
Cynthia Broan Gallery, Brooklyn
Cactus Bra Space, San Antonio
Keri Butler Projects, Chicago
Czech + Slovak Staged Photography, Brooklyn
Galeria Comercial, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dogmatic Gallery, Chicago
Drawing Project: Chicago/London
Fahrenheit Gallery, Kansas City
False Front, New York
Fresh Up Club, Austin
Gallery HQ, Kansas City
Garden Fresh, Chicago
General Store, Milwaukee
Hotcakes Gallery, Milwaukee
Heather Hubbs Entertainment, Chicago
Hudson Franklin, New York
Oliver Kamm 5BE Gallery, New York
M.Y. Art Prospects, New York
Miracle Editions, Chicago
Mule, Chicago
Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects, Toronto
New Image Art, Los Angeles
No Fun, Chicago
No Name Exhibitions @ The Soap Factory, Minneapolis
Paragraph, Kansas City
Polvo Art Studio, Chicago
Plush, Dallas
Rudolph Projects, Houston
Sala Diaz, San Antonio
Saltworks Gallery, Atlanta
Seven Three Split, Chicago
sixspace, Los Angeles
The Sophisticated Traveler, Chicago
Suitable, Chicago
Telegraph, Detroit
Telephonebooth, Kansas City
Three Walls, San Antonio
Track House, Oak Park
Unit B Gallery, Chicago
Vox Populi, Philadelphia
Warsaw Project Space, Cincinnati
Western Exhibitions, Chicago
Worm-Hole Laboratory, Miami
Hiromi Yoshii, Tokyo
ZieherSmith, New York

Non Profits

Gallery 400, University of Illinois, Chicago
ThreeWalls, Chicago


Bridge Magazine, Chicago
F News, Chicago
The kit/Xtra/Coterie, Chicago/LA/Chicago
Ten By Ten, Chicago
Review: Visual Art and Culture, Kansas City
The Second Hand, Chicago


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